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Resource Description: The Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) instrument onboard the Cassini spacecraft observed the system of Saturn, acquiring spectral cubes in the range 0.4-5.2 microns. This service focuses on Saturn satellites, and provides access to calibrated and ancillary data, computed as described here: It also provides direct links to a larger web site with previews.

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
granule_uid Granule_uid Internal table row index Unique ID in data service, also in v2. Can be alphanumeric. N/A
granule_gid Granule_gid Common to granules of same type (e.g. same map projection, or geometry data products). Can be alphanumeric. N/A
obs_id Obs_id Associates granules derived from the same data (e.g. various representations/processing levels). Can be alphanumeric, may be the ID of original observation. N/A
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type The high-level organization of the data product, from enumerated list (e.g., 'im' for image, sp for spectrum) [Note et_prod] N/A meta.code.class
target_name Target_name Standard IAU name of target (from a list related to target class), case sensitive N/A;src
target_class Target_class Type of target, from enumerated list N/A meta.code.class;src
time_min Time_min Acquisition start time (in JD) d time.start
time_max Time_max Acquisition stop time (in JD) d time.end
time_sampling_step_min Time_sampling_step_min Sampling time for measurements of dynamical phenomena, lower limit. s time.interval;stat.min
time_sampling_step_max Time_sampling_step_max Sampling time for measurements of dynamical phenomena, upper limit s time.interval;stat.max
time_exp_min Time_exp_min Integration time of the measurement, lower limit. s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.min
time_exp_max Time_exp_max Integration time of the measurement, upper limit s time.duration;obs.exposure;stat.max
spectral_range_min Spectral_range_min Spectral range (frequency), lower limit. Hz em.freq;stat.min
spectral_range_max Spectral_range_max Spectral range (frequency), upper limit Hz em.freq;stat.max
spectral_sampling_step_min Spectral_sampling_step_min spectral sampling step, lower limit. Hz em.freq.step;stat.min
spectral_sampling_step_max Spectral_sampling_step_max spectral sampling step, upper limit Hz em.freq.step;stat.max
spectral_resolution_min Spectral_resolution_min Sectral resolution, lower limit. Hz spect.resolution;stat.min
spectral_resolution_max Spectral_resolution_max Sectral resolution, upper limit Hz spect.resolution;stat.max
c1min C1min Longitude on body, lower limit. deg pos.bodyrc.long;stat.min
c1max C1max Longitude on body, upper limit deg pos.bodyrc.long;stat.max
c2min C2min Latitude on body, lower limit. deg;stat.min
c2max C2max Latitude on body, upper limit deg;stat.max
c3min C3min Height over defined null, lower limit. m pos.bodyrc.alt;stat.min
c3max C3max Height over defined null, upper limit m pos.bodyrc.alt;stat.max
s_region S_region ObsCore-like footprint, valid for celestial, spherical, or body-fixed frames. N/A phys.outline;obs.field
c1_resol_min C1_resol_min Resolution in the first coordinate, lower limit. deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c1_resol_max C1_resol_max Resolution in the first coordinate, upper limit deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c2_resol_min C2_resol_min Resolution in the second coordinate, lower limit. deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c2_resol_max C2_resol_max Resolution in the second coordinate, upper limit deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c3_resol_min C3_resol_min Resolution in the third coordinate, lower limit. m pos.resolution;stat.min
c3_resol_max C3_resol_max Resolution in the third coordinate, upper limit m pos.resolution;stat.max
spatial_frame_type Spatial_frame_type Flavor of coordinate system, defines the nature of coordinates. From enumerated list N/A meta.code.class;pos.frame
incidence_min Incidence_min Incidence angle (solar zenithal angle) during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.posAng;stat.min
incidence_max Incidence_max Incidence angle (solar zenithal angle) during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.posAng;stat.max
emergence_min Emergence_min Emergence angle during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.posAng;stat.min
emergence_max Emergence_max Emergence angle during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.posAng;stat.max
phase_min Phase_min Phase angle during data acquisition, lower limit. deg pos.phaseAng;stat.min
phase_max Phase_max Phase angle during data acquisition, upper limit deg pos.phaseAng;stat.max
instrument_host_name Instrument_host_name Standard name of the observatory or spacecraft. N/A;instr.obsty
instrument_name Instrument_name Standard name of instrument N/A;instr
measurement_type Measurement_type UCD(s) defining the data, with multiple entries separated by hash (#) characters. N/A meta.ucd
processing_level Processing_level CODMAC calibration level; see the et_cal note for what values are defined here. [Note et_cal] N/A meta.code;obs.calib
creation_date Creation_date Date of first entry of this granule N/A time.creation
modification_date Modification_date Date of last modification (used to handle mirroring) N/A time.update
release_date Release_date Start of public access period N/A time.release
service_title Service_title Title of resource (an acronym really, will be used to handle multiservice results) N/A meta.title
access_url Access_url URL of the data file, case sensitive. Can point to a script. N/A meta.ref.url;meta.file
access_format Access_format File format type (RFC 6838 Media Type a.k.a MIME type) N/A meta.code.mime
access_estsize Access_estsize Estimated file size in kbyte. kbyte phys.size;meta.file
access_md5 Access_md5 MD5 Hash for the file N/A meta.checksum;meta.file
time_scale Time_scale Always UTC in data services (may be relaxed in computational services such as ephemeris) - from enumerated list N/A time.scale
publisher Publisher A short string identifying the entity running the data service used. N/A meta.ref
bib_reference Bib_reference Bibcode preferred if available (does that include link?), doi, or other biblio id, URL N/A meta.bib
thumbnail_url Thumbnail_url URL of a thumbnail image with predefined size (png ~200 pix, for use in a client only). N/A meta.ref.url;meta.file
file_name File_name Name of the data file only, case sensitive. N/A;meta.file
external_link External_link Link to a web page providing more details on the granule N/A meta.ref.url
subobserver_latitude_min Subobserver_latitude_min Min sub-observer point latitude deg;stat.min
subobserver_latitude_max Subobserver_latitude_max Max sub-observer point latitude deg;stat.max
subobserver_longitude_min Subobserver_longitude_min Min sub-observer point longitude (eastward) deg pos.bodyrc.lon;stat.min
subobserver_longitude_max Subobserver_longitude_max Max sub-observer point longitude (eastward) deg pos.bodyrc.lon;stat.max
subsolar_latitude_min Subsolar_latitude_min Min sub-solar point latitude deg;stat.min
subsolar_latitude_max Subsolar_latitude_max Max sub-solar point latitude deg;stat.max
subsolar_longitude_min Subsolar_longitude_min Min sub-solar point longitude (eastward) deg pos.bodyrc.lon;stat.min
subsolar_longitude_max Subsolar_longitude_max Max sub-solar point longitude (eastward) deg pos.bodyrc.lon;stat.max
solar_longitude_min Solar_longitude_min Min Solar longitude Ls (location on orbit/season) deg pos.ecliptic.lon;pos.heliocentric;stat.min
solar_longitude_max Solar_longitude_max Max Solar longitude Ls (location on orbit/season) deg pos.ecliptic.lon;pos.heliocentric;stat.max
targetcenter_distance_min Targetcenter_distance_min Min spacecraft/target center distance km pos.distance;stat.min
targetcenter_distance_max Targetcenter_distance_max Max spacecraft/target center distance km pos.distance;stat.max
vims_lines Vims_lines Number of lines N/A phys.size;instr.det
vims_bands Vims_bands Number of bands N/A phys.size;instr.det
vims_samples Vims_samples Number of sample N/A phys.size;instr.det
vims_obs_sequence Vims_obs_sequence Observation sequence title N/A;obs.sequence
vims_sampling_mode Vims_sampling_mode Sampling_mode N/A meta.code;instr.setup
cassini_mission_phase Cassini_mission_phase Mission phase N/A;instr.obsty
cassini_orbit Cassini_orbit Orbit name N/A;instr.obsty
cassini_revolution Cassini_revolution Cassini orbital revolution N/A;instr.obsty
cassini_flyby_id Cassini_flyby_id Flyby name: revolution_number + target_code # targeted_flyby_name (if available) N/A;instr.obsty
cassini_sequence Cassini_sequence Orbital sequence N/A;obs.sequence;instr.obsty
pixelscale_min Pixelscale_min Min pixel size on surface km/pixel inst.scale;stat.min
pixelscale_max Pixelscale_max Max pixel size on surface km/pixel inst.scale;stat.min
image_limb_pixel Image_limb_pixel Nb of pixels over limb N/A;instr.pixel

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