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Table Description: This service lists TNO thermal properties as derived mostly from Spitzer and Herschel observations

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: This service lists TNO thermal properties as derived mostly from Spitzer and Herschel observations.

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  author={Florence {HENRY}},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {PADC} {TAP} Server on}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
granule_uid Granule_uid Granule unique identifier N/A
granule_gid Granule_gid Granule group identifier N/A
obs_id Obs_id Observation identifier N/A
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type Science organization of the data product N/A meta.code.class
target_name Target_name Standard name of target N/A;src
target_class Target_class Standard type of target N/A meta.code.class;src
time_min Time_min Acquisition start time d time.start
time_max Time_max Acquisition stop time d time.end
time_sampling_step_min Time_sampling_step_min Min time sampling step s time.interval;stat.min
time_sampling_step_max Time_sampling_step_max Max time sampling step s time.interval;stat.max
time_exp_min Time_exp_min Min integration time s time.duration;stat.min
time_exp_max Time_exp_max Max integration time s time.duration;stat.max
spectral_range_min Spectral_range_min Spectral range low limit (as fq) Hz em.freq;stat.min
spectral_range_max Spectral_range_max Spectral range high limit (as fq) Hz em.freq;stat.max
spectral_sampling_step_min Spectral_sampling_step_min Min spectral sampling step (as fq) Hz em.freq.step;stat.min
spectral_sampling_step_max Spectral_sampling_step_max Max spectral sampling step (as fq) Hz em.freq.step;stat.max
spectral_resolution_min Spectral_resolution_min Min spectral resolution (as fq) Hz spect.resolution;stat.min
spectral_resolution_max Spectral_resolution_max Max spectral resolution (as fq) Hz spect.resolution;stat.max
c1min C1min Westernmost longitude / min RA deg pos;stat.min
c1max C1max Easternmost longitude / max RA deg pos;stat.max
c2min C2min Min latitude / DEC deg pos;stat.min
c2max C2max Max latitude / DEC deg pos;stat.max
c3min C3min 3rd spatial coordinate min value N/A pos;stat.min
c3max C3max 3rd spatial coordinate max value N/A pos;stat.max
s_region S_region Footprint, STC style N/A phys.angArea;obs
c1_resol_min C1_resol_min Min resolution of 1st spatial coordinate deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c1_resol_max C1_resol_max Max resolution of 1st spatial coordinate deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c2_resol_min C2_resol_min Min resolution of 2nd spatial coordinate deg pos.resolution;stat.min
c2_resol_max C2_resol_max Max resolution of 2nd spatial coordinate deg pos.resolution;stat.max
c3_resol_min C3_resol_min Min resolution of 3rd spatial coordinate N/A pos.resolution;stat.min
c3_resol_max C3_resol_max Max resolution of 3rd spatial coordinate N/A pos.resolution;stat.max
spatial_frame_type Spatial_frame_type Defines the nature of coordinates N/A meta.code.class;pos.frame
incidence_min Incidence_min Min incidence angle (solar zenith angle) deg pos.posAng;stat.min
incidence_max Incidence_max Max incidence angle (solar zenith angle) deg pos.posAng;stat.max
emergence_min Emergence_min Min emergence angle deg pos.posAng;stat.min
emergence_max Emergence_max Max emergence angle deg pos.posAng;stat.max
phase_min Phase_min Min phase angle deg pos.phaseAng;stat.min
phase_max Phase_max Max phase angle deg pos.phaseAng;stat.max
instrument_host_name Instrument_host_name Standard name of the observatory or spacecraft N/A;instr.obsty
instrument_name Instrument_name Standard name of the instrument N/A;instr
measurement_type Measurement_type UCD defining the nature of the data N/A;phys.atmol
processing_level Processing_level Data calibration level N/A meta.code;obs.calib
creation_date Creation_date Creation date of granule N/A time.creation
modification_date Modification_date Date of last modification of granule N/A time.update
release_date Release_date Starting date of public period N/A time.release
service_title Service_title Acronym of data service N/A meta.title
alt_target_name Alt_target_name Alternative target name N/A;src
bib_reference Bib_reference Bibliograpic reference N/A meta.bib
target_distance_min Target_distance_min Spacecraft-target min distance km pos.distance;stat.min
target_distance_max Target_distance_max Spacecraft-target max distance km pos.distance;stat.max
publisher Publisher Service publisher N/A meta.curation
time_scale Time_scale Time scale, constant for data services = UTC N/A time.scale
sun_distance_min Sun_distance_min Sun-target min distance km pos.distance;stat.min
sun_distance_max Sun_distance_max Sun-target max distance km pos.distance;stat.max
flux Flux Target flux mJy phot.flux.density
flux_sigma_plus Flux_sigma_plus positive 1-sigma error on flux mJy phot.flux.density;stat.stdev;stat.max
flux_sigma_minus Flux_sigma_minus negative 1-sigma error on flux mJy phot.flux.density;stat.stdev;stat.min
color_indicator Color_indicator Color indicator : 0=in-band flux; 1=color corrected N/A meta.code
magnitude Magnitude Target magnitude in V or R band (see albedo) N/A phot.mag
magnitude_sigma_plus Magnitude_sigma_plus positive 1-sigma error on magnitude N/A phot.mag;stat.stdev;stat.max
magnitude_sigma_minus Magnitude_sigma_minus negative 1-sigma error on magnitude N/A phot.mag;stat.stdev;stat.min
diameter Diameter Target diameter. For binary objects, it is the equivalent diameter (i.e. Diameter^2 = d_1^2 + d_2^2), assuming equal albedos for the two bodies km phys.size.diameter
diameter_sigma_plus Diameter_sigma_plus positive 1-sigma error on diameter km phys.size.diameter;stat.stdev;stat.max
diameter_sigma_minus Diameter_sigma_minus negative 1-sigma error on diameter km phys.size.diameter;stat.stdev;stat.min
albedo Albedo Target albedo N/A phys.albedo
albedo_sigma_plus Albedo_sigma_plus positive 1-sigma error on albedo N/A phys.albedo;stat.stdev;stat.max
albedo_sigma_minus Albedo_sigma_minus negative 1-sigma error on albedo N/A phys.albedo;stat.stdev;stat.min
reference_band Reference_band Band used to compute the magnitude and the albedo N/A meta.code;em
eta Eta Beaming parameter N/A stat.param
eta_sigma_plus Eta_sigma_plus positive 1-sigma error on eta N/A stat.param;stat.stdev;stat.max
eta_sigma_minus Eta_sigma_minus negative 1-sigma error on eta N/A stat.param;stat.stdev;stat.min
code_eta Code_eta 0=free, 1=fixed N/A meta.code
comment Comment Comment on data reduction N/A meta.note
dynamical_type Dynamical_type Dynamical type N/A src.class
taxonomy_code Taxonomy_code Code for target taxonomy : BB = Objects having neutral colors with respect to the Sun; RR = Objects having a very high red color; BR = Objects having an intermediate blue-red color; IR = Objects having a moderately red color; BB-BR = Intermediate between BB and BR; BR-IR = Intermediate between BR and IR; IR-RR = Intermediate between IR and RR; N/A src.class.color
semi_major_axis Semi_major_axis Semimajor axis of the target orbit au phys.size.smajAxis
inclination Inclination Inclination of the target orbit deg src.orbital.inclination
eccentricity Eccentricity Eccentricity of the target orbit N/A src.orbital.eccentricity

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